South Lyon, MI


 25865 Jamestown Ct, South Lyon MI, 48178.

Emergency Maintenance is available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.  Emergency calls should go right into the service number  (810) 410.7827, who will dispatch the call to Paul right away.  That is if it is an emergency such as no heat, no hot water, boiler out, gas lines before the shut off, exterior sewer backups, sump pumps, water line issues before the main shut off and the actual main shut off.  When in dough call the service number and they can assist you in knowing if it is an emergency or a normal maintenance work order which get called or emailed into Clearview's office at 810.458.6065 oroffice@clearviewmi.comYou can also now submit a work order request here online by using the format below.  

NOTE:  Thermostats that are the original round will be replaced at no cost with ANOTHER round.  If you go to a programmable unit you will need to make arrangements with PAUL in paying for that cost, same goes for coming out to end up changing the batteries in the programmable thermostats. You can also go to the Contact Us link above and leave a message there.

​​ Please review your responsibility chart (in FORMS & DOCS).  Your membership includes the services for no hot water, lawn care, snow removal, pool expense, exterior pest control, pond maintenance, drain tiles, flashing, house numbers, no electric coming into the building, furnace (NOT FILTER), sewer lines (outside), original thermostats (newer models are members responsibility).  You get the idea, it would benefit everyone to review the grid from time to time.


Paul's Plumbing


 Some examples of YOUR RESPONSIBLE items are:  smoke detectors, inside sewer lines, water softeners, any water lines after the main shut off, windows, interior modifications, garbage disposals, faucets, entrance doors, fireplaces, ALL electrical, dryer vents, circuit breakers, appliances, interior doors, grout & caulk, interior painting, patios and sunrooms, antennas or satellite dishes.  For the full listing see the responsibility grid.   For these type of items we would recommend discussing with family for who would be available when you need someone or locate a local handyperson or odd job service that you can have on hand.

Remember these items are not covered by your monthly fees and if emergency maintenance is called you may incur billing cost for these services on your account.

NOTE:  For items that fall under association responsibilties you MUST call in the item and management will have the concern inspected for issue, cause and verified that the problem has not been caused by member.  Then the approved vendor for the community will be contacted to assess need and the course of action to be taken.  Approved vendors are 3rd party contractors that are in good standing, fully insured and bonded.

If a member prefers another vendor they will assume all responsibility of cost and any furture work in regard to nthat area.


For more details visit the and go to the Department menu along the top of page and click onto the Water tab.  The Plante Moran report is also available.  You will need to scroll down to the Utility Rate Model link, or view report in the box below.