Sometimes it is difficult to go from a family home, high-rise or apartment to buying into a Cooperative community.  Each type of housing option has it's own benefits and some not so desired benefits.

So a cooperative living is like an apartment or rental community where you have a management team or owner that cares for the exterior of the buildings , parking lots and grounds but your day to day interior items are not part of the monthly fee because you purchased that space in the form of a membership stock in the community as an equal member.  This where a cooperative is also similar to home ownership.  You are responsible for the interior and all the furnishings.  An added bonus for you in this cooperative is you also have maintenance coverage for hot water tanks and heating source.  You also have many items that come with your membership, Roof and skylight upkeep (you are responsible for the interior repairs), you have a clubhouse, pool, neighborhood events and social gatherings (if you desire).

Of course the rules and payments must be kept up and paid on time as well as the taxes twice a year.  Like an apartment community you can be held responsible for breaking the rules but like home ownership you do have a say in the community and a Board of Directors to keep order and work for the greater good of all owners.                    WELCOME HOME !

Click the link below to access the By-Law.  Knowing how your community was set up makes for easy understanding between neighbors and management.

Please call Paul directly to schedule outside of the

yearly schedule on the Maint page.

​This is a contracted service with Traila 

​​​Please make sure you have the correct  address for Clearview Property Management Services.  We still see from time to time mail being sent to our prior address.

Clearview Property Management Services, LLC

100 S. Bridge St.

P.O. Box 788

Linden, MI  48451

Directory Correction:  Please note on Pg. 2 of the booklet where important numbers are listed.  For CLEARVIEW OFFICE EMAILS - Billing & Selling to contact  CORRECTION:  Clearview is contracted to management under the direction of the Board of Directors and we do not provide Broker services to the membership.  All sales are done through your own contracted Real Estate agent and through the Colonial Sales with Jamie.  All billing, maintenance, tax or other inquiries need to be directed to to then be forwarded to the person who can assist you.

Thank you,

Stacy Klabak

Clearview Property Management Services, LLC

​January 1, 2019 Increase of monthly carrying charges. 

All members have an increase of $32.00 per month.  Please note this is the first increase in many years and the budget numbers get pretty thin while the world keeps getting more costly to maintain our community.  As difficult as it was to make this decision it was a necessary one that was long over due.  If you currently on an auto payment method (AHC) we will adjust the payment amount if you are setup through Clearview.  If you are setup through your bank for a check delivery you will need to make that adjustment ASAP.

Late Fee Schedule Effective May 1, 2015

It is very important for members to review the Rules and Regulation and Rental Policy before you make a decision.  Remember this is an Independent Living SENIOR community.

South Lyon, MI

every member needs to read

Siding Project Photos

Read before you rent out your unit 


 25865 Jamestown Ct, South Lyon MI, 48178.

Less than 30 days delinquent         $10.00

31-60 days delinquent                    $25.00

61 days or more delinquent            $50.00

                                  plus will be forwarded to attorney.

Any related cost for legal process will be posted to the members account.

Example of potential charges:

Account 62 days delinquent and sent to attorney

Past due amount $100.00

First late fee after the 10 of month due $10.00

Second late fee after 31 days $25.00

Third late fee after 61 days $50.00

Attorney cost for collection attempts estimate $100.00

Original amount $100.00 + late fees $85.00 + legal of $100.00 = $285.00

NOTE: Delinquent accounts can consist of monthly maintenance fees, taxes, fines, bill back maintenance cost for non-covered repairs or late fees from prior balances.


Please note that Clearview is not taking or needs to know who and what number to reach if you are away from your home and we have an emergency to enter.

It is safer and faster to have the name and number taped to your door near the handle so emergency services or Paul can reach the person with a key rather than call Clearview and we track down who and then call them etc. etc.

Clearview also wants to convey to the members we are not accessing your home or take responsibility/liability of the interior contents or entry. 

We are not an on site manager that is close by the majority of time.  We rely on Paul, your Board of Directors, local emergency responders and you to be pro-active in keeping the neighborhood safe. 

You should only give a key to someone you trust and can be easily reached when needed.

Thank you & we appreciate your cooperation.